Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride!

Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride!

You will not find any restrictive eating plans, long-ass workouts or bullshit about how your body SHOULD run here, Queen.

You WILL find empowerment, judgment-free support, and a whole new way of embodying your badass self!

Lori combines her 29+ years of experience in the health and wellness industry to bring you programs (unlike any you've ever seen or experienced before) and courses that show you how to fiercely love the skin you're in, create long-lasting change, and help you step into the warrior goddess you are! 

She's not your typical fitness expert, she’s your go-to shoulder to lean on when you’ve been struggling. She gives you that safe, supportive, and judgment-free space when you've missed a workout or fallen off the deep end with your nutrition. Lori makes falling in love with your body FUN and EASY delivering you long-lasting results you can trust. 



Balance your hormones, have better sex (holla!), manage your stress, get better Zzz's, achieve your fitness goals with kick-ass methods (inside and out)! 

Hell Yeah!


Kick-Ass 12 Week Group Coaching Program for Accountability & Results!

Tired of not feeling good in your own skin and want to say fuck off to typical diets and fads, and hello to sustainable fitness programming that delivers insane results? Then babe, gurl, sista, friend… 

Take Action Now!

Working out hard in your sweat sessions and not seeing any body changes? 

Ever feeling like you're on the hamster wheel of never reaching fitness goals and going nowhere fast? 

Maybe it has nothing to do with the calories you're eating or burning? 

Maybe your internal systems are fucked up royally. 

Maybe your hormones are off balance? 

Maybe your entering perimenopause or menopause and didn’t know it! 

Did you know that no matter what you do if your hormones aren’t balanced you won’t see changes or results?

Focus on the internal and the external follows.

Let’s help you get your hormones in check. So we can start rocking your body and just feeling better overall. 

Lori is a HORMONE SPECIALIST. Extensive courses and certifications on this Effin subject. Like for real. Lived it and struggled with perimenopause herself for over 10 years.

Which means I got you babe! Let’s get rockin' those hormones. And taking menopause’s name and kickin’ its ass!

This guide will deliver the info needed to balance your hormones naturally. With foods you have in your pantry or Supplements that aren’t costly and can easily be purchased at your local health food store. 

Aging doesn’t have to be so hard. We can do it gracefully, and we can do it with abs and a tight ass in the process!

Group Coaching For Teens

Higher Education To Help Teens Rock Their Body!

We learn in school what 2 + 2 equals… we learn how to use Verbs and Pronouns, or how to Square Dance. Why the heck didn’t they offer us a course on how to LOVE OUR BODIES!!! 

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Monthly Membership (Coming Soon)

Monthly Follow-Along Video Workouts, and Badass Babes Community to get you your dream body and sustain it for LIFE!

We are not damsels in distress! When it comes to our bodies and lives we have to save our damn selves! Are you in, babe?!