EP 17 - So You Wanna Write A Book ft Sabrina Greer

podcast Mar 11, 2021

Hey hey friends! How are you today? I'm so giddy with excitement to have someone special here today. Friend, publisher-in-shining-armor to me and many others, and overall boss babe, Sabrina Greer.

Meet Sabrina, she is the founder and Head of House here at YGTMama. She is a mom of three boys, host of You've Got This, Mama the Podcast, a 7x bestselling author, publisher, and a Clarity Coach. She has helped hundreds of humans, discover and rediscover their identity and purpose. She turns chaos into clarity and is lovingly referred to as—The Brain Baby Doula because she helps you BIRTH your BRAIN baby!

Sabrina has a BA in developmental psychology and early childhood education. She is a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner but more importantly, she is a lover of learning and incredibly passionate about helping others and genuine connection.

When she's not mommin' or empowering others, she opts for a simpler life. She is a self-proclaimed "rookie" farmer and is also MAMA to over 40+ animals on their 70-acre farmstead in the woods. She wears a lot of hats but does so with grace, grit and buckets of joy.

Her goal is to help as many humans as possible build their legacy through sharing their stories and "brain babies" with the world.

We talk about all things books, what it takes to write one, the author's journey, and of course, different types of publishing, and how to stay committed to making it happen:

Show up for your dreams just like you would show up for that hair or lash appointment! Your writing and creativity require genuine commitment and effort, as well as its own creative space. We like to call it, setting the mood so you can be the vibe! Creativity never runs out, it is forever with us, and gets stronger every time we show up for it and practice. Much like fitness and growing our strength gradually, creativity too grows powerful every time you lean into your expression.

Alignment with everything is key. Yes, this includes your mentors and publishers too. Energy doesn't lie. Trust it and leap accordingly. If it is never a hell yes, then it's a hell no - don't just say yes because you "should." Act in alignment with your emotions, your values, and who you are as a person. Your confidence, values, worth as a human being should never be on the chopping block.

Nothing is as hard or complicated as we make it seem. Your story is worth sharing, so keep it simple, show up fully, and don't be afraid to seek the support you need to make your dream come true!

What would you write a book about? What is your message you desire to share with the world? Share with us on Instagram at @lori.mork

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