EP 11 - Rockin' Beyond Extremes: How to Lose 80lbs (and keep them off) and rock your body, your way ft Aimee Anderson

podcast Mar 10, 2021

Hey friends!

I am super pumped to bring you a dear friend and client today-- Aimee Anderson, because not only is her story powerful, it will ignite you into action, especially since we are officially 3 weeks into the new year, which is typically when most people give up on their New Years' resolutions.

Did you know that most people give up on their goals and resolutions because they often lack patience and consistency... Mmmmhmmm. I said that! It's easy to plug into a diet or nutrition program, but it's hard to sustain it. And I cannot blame you! All those rules, restrictions, and deprivation would have me giving up on my fitness journey too. This is why I am super excited for you to meet Aimee Anderson. Not only is she a busy mom of five kids (ranging from the age of 13, all the way up until 23). She's is a full-time education assistant from Alberta, Canada. We've been coaching together for two and a half years, and get ready for this. Amy has lost over, 80, pounds and she has kept it off, doing it the right way, aka without the fads, pills or potions, or any guilt or deprivation, and with a ton of patience. She's living her best life!

Key takeaways from today's episode:

Stop the struggle-mode. Get into pleasure and feel-good mode. Eat what feels good. Work out in a way that feels good. Make your fitness and health journey fun. It's easy to stay consistent when feeling good is the goal. Find a way to move your body, your way. Make it fun. Make it feel good. Taking care of yourself is not a chore and it shouldn't feel like a struggle. So stop, drop, and release the groans and increase the "ahhhh it feels amazing to nourish myself this way."

Ease off the pressure-pedal. Be patient with your body, with yourself. Whole health is a lifestyle, not a fad. We are rewiring ourselves for a total lifestyle shift, and that won't happen overnight. Listen Berta, you're not going to lose 80lbs overnight. But you will notice the small shifts every single day -- the confidence growing every time you keep your word to yourself and show up for yourself. The way your clothes fit better. The ability to focus and get things done because you're building mental strength along with physical agility. The way you don't snap at people anymore because you're in a better mood and sleeping better. Health looks and feels different for us all, but the shifts are taking place all the time. Even in the moments where it feels like nothing is happening.

You are stronger than you can imagine. More capable than you can imagine. Hitting your goals isn't an unattainable feat. Flip the switch, enlist your support team or trainer who resonates with you, and actually listen to them. Get a mentor, hire a fitness coach who you can be yourself around but also who challenges you to do better. Someone who knows where you want to be and will do what it takes to get you there, in a way that honors you and your body.

Health is a state of mind, body, and being. Focus on what brings a smile to your face. Find people who will wholeheartedly support you and challenge you to rise and be your best self. Do it for you first, not for anyone else. 

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