EP 15 - Own Your Self Pleasure and Claim Your Big O ft. Tori Nicole

podcast Mar 11, 2021

Hey hey, friends? Happy Valentine's Week, officially! This week on the podcast we talk about all things pleasure and orgasms.... yup, we said it. The Big O, something that not many women experience on a frequent basis. Can we all agree that we are in an era where we need to continue empowering ourselves in every way, and that includes our sexual wellness as well. Too often, we fake it till we make it, even in the bedroom, and that leaves us feeling resentful, or worse, thinking that there is something wrong with us and our bodies. 

Girlfriend, let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, or your partner (most of the time). All sexual dilemmas can be eliminated with some open, vulnerable, honest conversations, and a shit ton of humor and willingness to try new things! Ladies (and gentlemen), get ready to have your love flowing and orgasms growing after you listen to this juicy, fun, and value-packed episode featuring my good friend, Tori Nicole, who has been a prior guest on the podcast in Episode 10. 

Tori is all about making life pleasurable, be it in business or the bedroom! Orgasms should be big and so should bank accounts. She started educating women about sex years ago after overcoming her own sexual trauma while working for a marketing agency. When the pandemic hit, she decided to put those skills to work for small businesses and opened her own marketing agency, Martin & Co. | Where Marketing is Art. Tori focuses on women-owned small businesses and helps women build brands people buy from.

Follow her on the socials @thetorinicole or @wheremarketingisart

In today's episode, we talk about all things self-pleasure, pleasure within a partnership, and much more. Consider this the sex-ed class that is actually fun and full of knowledge you'll walk away with:

Communicate your needs with your partner. Be open, vulnerable, and honest. Keep it kind. And learn to laugh about it! Your partner isn't a mind reader, they won't know what you love, don't love, want to experiment with unless you communicate with them. If it feels hard to ask for what you need, consider playing a game of 20 questions and ease yourself into this type of conversation.

Own your self-pleasure. Explore your body and reclaim your power in the bedroom and outside of it too. Yes, we go there. Self-pleasure is your birthright. Your body has been designed for pleasure. And you don't always need to depend on your partner to fulfill those needs. Take self-pleasure into your own hands (pun intended) and treat yourself to some sexy lingerie for yourself first, and then for anyone else's eyes. Treat yourself to a body treatment at the spa, buy that outfit that gives you goosebumps, wear that bold lipstick, have flowers delivered to yourself each month. Validate yourself and your worth and your own pleasure. It sets the barometer for how others treat you.

Lack of libido, inability to orgasm can be multi-factorial - hormone fluctuations, moods, physiology, emotional balance within a relationship, past trauma can all play a part. Get curious, give yourself grace, and love on your body and soul.

What are some ways you will own your self-pleasure? Don't be shy, we got your back! Share with us on Instagram at @lori.mork

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