EP 18 - Feisty Friday ft Sheri and Kindra - Motherhood & Fitness Over 45 and Debunking Popular Myths on How to Stay Lean For Life

podcast Mar 11, 2021


Hey hey friends! It's that time of the month again.... haha I'm kidding, but seriously, I cannot believe that we are at the end of February! How have 2 months already gone by! So many incredible things coming up this upcoming month that I will share with you soon enough, but for now, we are back with our February Feisty Friday! 

Every last Friday of each month, we have a bonus episode where I'll feature a guest and we will riff on all the things currently happening, all the things we notice but aren't talked about enough. That's right--in true Kiss My Curvy Assets style, we will have bold, fun, unapologetic, and feisty conversations! 

Today's Feisty Friday episode features two of my really good friends and clients, Sheri Amendt and Kindra Lahey, both of them badass, bold, and sexy mamas age 45 and up, fitness competitors and athletes... and both of them in the best health and shape of their life. Their secret? Making their daily movement a sacred ritual that's an outlet for them to enjoy individually as well as together as friends. Eating wholesome foods that make them feel good, that nourish their body, while still enjoying a glass of wine or their fave dessert. And the best part, yes, carbs are invited to the party, friends! We also debunk some popular myths on how to stay fit, lean, and healthy for life!

So this one's a juicy episode you're gonna wanna tune in to! Below are a few takeaways:

Don't let fitness intimidate you. Start small, keep at it. Your health and fitness goals will only be sustainable when you do it for yourself first, nobody else.

Carbs, vino, dessert, whole foods = your friend. Everything in moderation. Don't deprive yourself. Eat what makes you feel good without the guilt trip.

Motherhood is hard. Staying consistent is hard. Putting yourself first is hard. But what's harder is staying in the same place year after year. If you desire a badass body and rockstar health, seize it. Go after it, do it your way without the fad diets. Stick to a lifestyle that works for your health. And sip on some vino, 'cause balance, y'know?

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