EP 10 - Make Your Life and Business One Pleasurable Orgasm ft. Tori Nicole

podcast Mar 10, 2021

Hey hey, friends! We are two weeks into 2021 and wow we have been rocked to our core already! That said, it's time to reclaim your power and make this your best year yet in life and business! It's time to make this year bold, orgasmic, and pleasurable no matter where you find yourself. It's all about feeling good. When you feel good, you show up better, your whole life feels better inside out. 

I am so excited to introduce you today to my dear friend, Tori Nicole. Tori is all about making life pleasurable, be it in business or the bedroom! Orgasms should be big and so should bank accounts. She started educating women about sex years ago after overcoming her own sexual trauma while working for a marketing agency. When the pandemic hit, she decided to put those skills to work for small businesses and opened her own marketing agency, Martin & Co. |Where Marketing is Art. Tori focuses on women-owned small businesses and helps women build brands people buy from. 

Follow her on the socials @thetorinicole or @wheremarketingisart

Key takeaways from today's episode:

Marketing your business feels easy when it feels orgasmic to both your client and yourself. Give value, love on them, and create raving fans for life. You will go further going deep first with your current client base, serving them from a place of gratitude, passion, and excitement, and "Wow, I GET to do this!" Create clients who are loyal, raving supporters and fans, essentially helping you build your business organically. 

It's okay to be multi-passionate. Don't put yourself in a box. Instead take who you are into all your ventures, all your relationships, and more. You are a human being who feels all the feels and gets lit TF up by multiple passions! It's okay to diversify your interests and showcase them all. You get to do this your way.

Don't hold back. Ask for what you desire and life, people, and the Universe will meet you there. When you lean into how you want to feel, everything shifts and realigns itself with that feeling. You get, in life and business, what you have the audacity and courage to ask for. So get ready to receive! Think of life as a restaurant menu, you get to choose what you want to consume, how you want to nourish yourself etc. So be bold and daring. Choose whatever your heart desires.

Show up unapologetically. You are woman, roar, Sister. You are fierce, you are divine. You are oozing with fierce, audacious, confidence. Revel in your power - the ability to create the life you desire, the business you love, and the bank account you deserve. Own your sexuality and sensuality. That is the secret sauce to showing up confidently in your own skin.

How will you make your life one massive, pleasure-filled orgasm? You get to have fun, baby! So live your life exactly how you want to! Share with me on Instagram your biggest takeaways from this episode and tag me at @lori.mork

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