EP 13 - Feisty Fridays ft Jen Kersten - Get off the highlight reel and be the real deal!

podcast Mar 11, 2021


What's up, friends? Happy Friday! Happy Feisty Friday that is! Can you believe in just two days, January is officially over! Where did the month go, amirite?!

What a start to the new year! I am so happy you are here with me and tuning in. I thought today would be a fun way to introduce you to something new on the podcast... say hello to Feisty Fridays! On the last Friday of each month, I will share a bonus episode where I'll feature a guest and we will riff on all the things currently happening, all the things we notice but aren't talked about enough. That's right--in true Kiss My Curvy Assets style, we will have bold, fun, unapologetic, and feisty conversations!

Our first Feisty Friday, we are featuring a good friend of mine and previously a guest on our show in Episode 5... say hello to Jen Kersten. She is a fitness and nutrition coach from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada with over 25 years’ experience as a fitness trainer and nutritionist. Jen specializes in metabolism, glute training, and encourages her clients to develop a healthy relationship with food and self while navigating a fitness lifestyle.

In today's episode, Lori and Jen riff on all things social media and the highlight reel... here are a few takeaways:

Live as the real deal instead of focusing on the highlight reel. Here's the thing, social media is the highlight reel. Be different and keep it real online and offline. Live your life how you want to live it based on your values, what fuels you, what makes you happy. Screw the comparison game. Own your strengths, truly be who you desire to be -- your best self!

Social media doesn't need to be overwhelming, it is what you make of it. Use it intentionally and unplug often. Don't get addicted to the dopamine hits from the hearts, comments, and DMs.

Be real, online and offline. It will take you a long way. People can smell fakeness a mile away. Energy does not lie. Support those who you know are genuinely creating impact while taking you through their journey and keeping things 100% real. Work with someone who lives their integrity, walks their talk, and helps bring out the best in you!

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