EP 14 - Badass Babes Empowering One Another ft Janine Jericho and Linda Feuerhelm

podcast Mar 11, 2021


Hey hey, friends? Happy February!! Happy Love Month! And on that note, happy self-love month!

Can we all agree that we need to love ourselves more, and love on each other a hella lot more! Yes, that's right babes. All too often, we see the cattiness, jealousy, the "how dare she do better than me?" and other low vibe behavior in female friendships.

Well, this is the year that changes, friends! I am so excited to share with today, the first of many, Badass Babes Empowering One Another series featuring my two best friends and incredible thought leaders -- Janine Jericho and Linda Feuerhelm, who have also been guests on the show previously (Episodes 4 and 7).

In today's episode, we riff on all things bullying (offline and online), the meaning of true friendship and #womenempoweringwomen, and all that goes along with it! Here are a few takeaways:

There is enough glitter to go around for all of us. Sharing your spotlight doesn't take away anything from you. It amplifies your circle of 5.  There is enough abundance, enough cake for every single one of us! In fact, how cool is it to have friends who are incredibly successful doing their thing, being the expert in their industry! It's no longer taboo to collaborate and cross-promote each other. Be done with the "bro-marketing" style. Be done with the traditional, cold and corporate lack mindset. Lean into your worthiness, your enoughness. Know that what is for you, will never pass you.

If you are the sum of 5 people who surround you, their success IS your success. Cheer them on, support them, unapologetically. Think about how you and your badass friends can truly run the world, 'cause global domination and paving paths for other women is sexy AF, and start celebrating one another. Start sharing opportunities with one another. Mention their names in rooms for opportunities. Besides, it's more fun to rise together!

Quit the bullying. Quit the shaming. Inclusivity and diversity start with you. Have open conversations with your kids. Teach them to embrace and respect differences. Your differences are what make you special - that is your secret sauce to being successful in life. Own your differences and embrace others' differences openly. 

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